·Pipe pre-fabrication line

 ·Arc welding robot workstati-on




CNC gas/Plasma cutting machine:

1. SG series CNC gas/plasma cutting machine is widely used in lathe manufacture, shipping yard, pressure vessel, engineering machinery, mine machinery, electricity, bridge construction and steel construction, etc. 
2. Gantry structure, the entire body is stress released so as to ensure no deformation long term. It has good rigidity, light weight, stable structure. The heavy duty racks and rails by precisely fabricated can ensure the high precision in transvers & longitudinal transmission and long use life.
3. Kind users interface, to suit for different requirements, can automatic position, automatic cutting, reverse cutting, dynamic figures tracing, automatic control torch elevation, automatic speeding on/down, end control, fix speed control, cutting seam compensation. 
4. It can cut free plane shapes on carbon steel, alloyed aluminium, stainless steel, and other metals.
5. It can be assorted with auto-ignition, auto height sensor, linear triple torches, powder marking, high frequency punching, water cooling, etc.