·Pipe pre-fabrication line

 ·Arc welding robot workstati-on




CNC system introduction:

  1. America BURNY10 control system     
    15" touch color monitor.
    windows xp professional, 512M RAM,  20G industry special hard disck, USB2.0
During program working, except observe the dynamic shapes of real cutting routh, enlarge the shape storage, the uses can also enlarge self-definition shape storage, load down and build up and edit spare programs during cutting, or choose the new spare programs from shape storage to build up and edit program for nesting.
Rapid DXF convert, it can load down CAD/CAM DXF files directly. Speed potentiometer is outside laid, convenient for operation. The cutting program has memory protection when power offer and break point memory.

    2.Americ Hypertherm EDGE system
     It is specially used for gas/plasma cutting machine, has good anti-disturbing, 15" LCD, high clarity. Cutting shape can be pre-viewed, shape trace can be zoom in/out, auto tracing the present cutting position.
WINDOWS XP, 60G hard disk, 256MB RAM, USB2.0
47 great storage, can be enlarged to bear more than 200 shapes, accept EIA, TS-274K or ESSI code, be compatible with many programs, has functions of level the sheet, auto speed on/down at corners, mirror, rotation, moving, move to hole thorning point, break point memory, seam automatic compensation.

     3. Spain FAGOR system
      It has excellent performance and wide usage, strong function, easy for operation, is one of the most stable systems.
     7.5" LCD, spare shape dynamic tracing and displaying, cutting tracing, synchronize double driving. 256K,  put in programs by DNC or keyboard, or U-disk, power off memory, speed switch outside, it is useful when fail in cutting thick sheet.

      4. Americ START SH-2000H system

       9.4"LCD, America technology, China   made, competitive price, user memery 7M  which can store nesting programs of hundreds of sheet. Kind interface, convenient operation, Chinese/English menu, trace reverse function, break point reserve, break point data reserve. Assorted with USB, it can compensate seam cutter.