·Pipe pre-fabrication line

 ·Arc welding robot workstati-on




Automatic programming & nesting software:


  FASTCAM: This is one of the best software in the world for programming and nesting. Strong function, easy operation, save materials, be compatible with many drawing software such as AUTOCAD, etc. 
◆ There is drawing module with it, save the cost of buying and learning CAD software.
◆ Nesting by automatic or manual both, shorten time and improve sheet using
◆ CAD clear and compress, make DXF/DWG file easy for cutting.
◆ Automatic setting cutting route, adjust the leadin and leadout freely.
◆ Count the materias cost and fabrication cost.
◆ Cutting with common border to save materials.
◆ Continous cutting to reduce perforation, improve cutting efficiency.
◆ Simulate cutting, correct NC code, to ensure correct cutting.
◆ Support some cutting machines with different controllers at the same time.
◆ Special process:pre-perforation, out & in round corner, bridge connect, etc.